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Report, 2000

Luftemissioner och bränsleförbrukning orsakade av bränsleförsörjningssystemet för ett svenskt kraftvärmeverk

Hansson, Per-Anders; Dahlin, Bo; Blinge, Magnus; Vikinge, Björn; Berggren, Jens


The purpose of this work was to quantify the energy consumption and emission production of the fuel supply system for a typical Swedish biofueled CHP plant. A model, useful also for other studies of CHP plant fuel supply systems, was developed and used for the calculations. Input data was collected from a plant situated some 100 km from Stockholm in Sweden. Important fuel materials are chips from limbs and tops, by-products from saw mills and chips from willow. The results show that the materials that are by-products from other production processes, for example saw dust and saw mill chips, are very favourable in terms of the studied environmental parameters. The environmental load for the supply of chips from limbs and tops is 5-8 times the load for the by-products. The use of a terminal for temporary storage of means that additional transport and loading operations are necessary and gives a 30 % load increase. Further, chipping at the clear felling area results in somewhat larger environmental load than chipping at the roadside. Calculations were also done in order to study the effects of different changes in the supply system. One important result of these calculations is that the NOx emissions caused by the system will, due to stricter emission regulations, decrease with up to 70 % within the next 10- 12 years. The decrease of the fuel consumption and the amounts of emissions produced will, however, be much smaller.


bioenergi; kraftvärmeverk; energiförbrukning; emissioner

Published in

Rapport - Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet, Institutionen för lantbruksteknik
Publisher: Institutionen för lantbruksteknik, Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet

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