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Review of biogas development in developing countries with special emphasis in India

Pèrez Porras, Joaquìn; Gebresenbet, Girma


Biogas is among the sustainable energy alternatives in developing countries. This report deals with a general view of biogas in developing countries and treat to compare different kind of design plants in developing countries with a practical case in India. The thesis contains study of microbiological process and the selection of a particular design or model of biogas plants with advantages and disadvantages of each kind. The thesis’ objectives are to study the different kind of biogas plants in developing countries with particular emphasis in India and China. The microbiological process, social and economic aspects have been included in the study in order to look for the appropriate technology in each practical case. Other objective is to study the structural development of the socially / economically marginal groups in developing countries with the application of biogas like sustainable energy. The structural development will at least include the long-term accessibility to basic needs and the reduction of inequalities and dependence at an individual and village level. For this reason, it is really important to find the adequate and profitable design of biogas plant. This thesis follows the ordinary methodology. First of all, we started with literature review in order to look for information in the library of SLU and in scientific websides. Secondly, we did a study visit in order to consult the biogas plant in Uppsala. Finally, we had some interviews and discussion with experts about biogas in the Department of Microbiology and Agricultural Engineering. The results of the thesis are a complete review about biogas in developing countries. In this review we compared the different kind of biogas plants with their social and economics aspects. Also, we have studied about the microbiological process of biogas and how we can design the digestors, in order to look for the highest efficiency for the families with low cost. The main conclusion of this report is there is no unique answer and we realized that there is no global solution, because each case is different in every country, location or climate. A deep study is necessary if we want to get good results and improve the quality of life of population who live with basic needs. Biogas is expensive for poor people, we have tried to look for the way in order to do a biogas plant profitable and sustainable. Development of biogas technology is a vital component of alternative rural energy programmes in India, whose potential is yet to be exploited. A concerted effort is required by all if this has to be realized. The technology will find ready use in domestic, farming and small-scale industrial applications. The diminishing agricultural land may hamper biogas energy development but appropriate technological and resource management techniques will offset the effects. We have proved in this thesis that India or China has their particular style in order to design, build or use the biogas plants, because their necessities are totaly different. It depends of the culture and social and economic aspects.


Developing countries; renewable energy; biogas

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Rapport - Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet, Institutionen för lantbruksteknik
Publisher: Institutionen för lantbruksteknik, Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet

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