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Report, 2007

Transaction costs of agri-environmental policy measures : the case of Swedish permanent grasslands

Nilsson, Fredrik O. L.


It has been shown in previous studies that transaction costs (TC) of agri-environmental policy measures often are very large both in absolute terms and as share of payments. As agri-environmental policy measures make up an increasingly large share of agricultural policies, not least within the European Union, it is becoming ever more important to improve the knowledge about the factors determining the level of transaction costs. This paper investigates the TC determinants of one Swedish agri-environmental policy measure. More specifically, it aims to investigate if the level of TC is attributable to economic factors, such as pasture density and distances, or if political factors, such as lobby groups and political majorities at the county level, influence the costs. To evaluate if the results are robust with respect to alterations in model specifications a version of the extreme bounds analysis is applied. Although initial results indicate that political parties influence the level of transaction costs, the extreme bounds analysis reveals that those results are fragile. It shows that five of the economic variables are robust with respect to model specifications but that none of the political variables is.


extreme bounds analysis; agri-environmental policy measures; transaction costs; pasture

Published in

Working Paper Series / Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Economics
Publisher: Department of Economics, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

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