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Report, 2005

Jordbearbetningsavdelningens årsrapport 2004



RESULTS OF RESEARCH IN SOIL TILLAGE IN 2004 This report summarizes the activities carried out by the Division of Soil Management in 2004, including the results from about 100 field experiments. The experimental sites were located all over Sweden. The experiments are grouped within the following programs: Primary tillage and tillage systems Seedbed preparation and properties related to the surface layer Soil compaction, soil structure and soil conservation Nutrient leaching and erosion


jordbearbetning; försöksresultat; fältförsök; grundläggande bearbetning; bearbetningssystem; såbäddsberedning; jordpackning; markstruktur; växtnäringsutlakning; erosion

Published in

Rapporter från Jordbearbetningsavdelningen, Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Publisher: Institutionen för markvetenskap, Jordbearbetningsavdelningen, Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet

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