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Scientific Technical and Economic Committee for Fisheries (STECF) - Stock assessments in the Western Mediterranean Sea (STECF 23-09)

Ligas, Alessandro; Mannini, Alessandro; Certain, Gregoire; et al.


Commission Decision of 25 February 2016 setting up a Scientific, Technical and Economic Committee for Fisheries, C(2016) 1084, OJ C 74, 26.2.2016, p. 4–10. The Commission may consult the group on any matter relating to marine and fisheries biology, fishing gear technology, fisheries economics, fisheries governance, ecosystem effects of fisheries, aquaculture or similar disciplines This report documents the outcomes of STECF Expert Working Group 23-09: 2023 stock assessments of demersal stocks in the Western Mediterranean Sea from the meeting held in hybrid mode from 4th to 10th September 2023. A total of 20 fish stocks considered. Nine stocks were evaluated by means of a statistical catch at age (SCAA) model (a4a). Due to the lack of survey information in 2022, five stocks were evaluated through a catch weight projection and short-term forecast. The methodological approach is described in the last part of this Executive Summary, and in the Report. In 2022, indexbased advice was given for three stocks (ARA8-9-10-11 and NEP11 on two years basis while for MUT 10 just for one year), and they were re-evaluated by EWG 23-09. The advice for ARA8-9-10-11 and NEP11 have been confirmed while for MUT 10 the missing index information led the group to consider downgrading the advice from an index-based one to a catch only advice approach (ICES Category 5). Two stocks for which the index-based advice provided in 2021 (2 years advice) have been evaluated again looking for a plausible fully analytical assessment. None of the model setting tried was able to provide acceptable results, therefore a biomass index-based advice is given again. The content of the report gives the STECF terms of reference; the basis of the evaluations; assessments, reference point calculations; summaries of state of stock and advised catch or F based on either the MSY approach for assessed stocks and category 3 and 5 based advice for those without assessments. The report contains the full stock assessment reports, the exploration of assessments and category 3 and 5 evaluations for the remaining stocks. The report also contains the STECF observations and conclusions on the assessment report. These conclusions come from the STECF mini plenary meeting October 2023.

Published in

EUR (Luxembourg)
2023, number: 23-09
ISBN: 978-92-68-09117-3
Publisher: Publications Office of the European Union

    Sustainable Development Goals

    Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development

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    Fish and Aquacultural Science

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