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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2023

Addressing multiple perspectives in studying environmental changes in forest landscapes during the modernization period (18th-19th centuries)

Zwiazek, Tomasz; Lucow, Dominika; Popek, Joachim; Klisz, Marcin; Obremska, Milena; Sobechowicz, Lukasz; Solon, Jerzy; Slowinski, Michal; Przybylski, Pawel; Tyburski, Lukasz; Zin, Ewa; Jastrzebowski, Szymon; Placzkowska, Eliza; Pilch, Kamil; Szewczyk, Krzysztof; Konczal, Agata A.; Rutkowski, Pawel; Glowka, Dariusz; Swoboda, Pawel


Combining different diverse data on human and environmental history during the Anthropocene is an extremely challenging task, particularly, if one wants to compare written or cartographic data with a whole range of environmental data recorded for more than the past 200-300 years. In this article, our objective was to demonstrate that one of the keys to facilitating syntheses for the study of forest landscape dynamics was to conduct a thorough investigation into the historical phenomena of modernization. We believe that a comprehensive understanding of the advancements in post-enlightenment thought and contextualizing them within the evolution of the state apparatus during the 18th and 19th centuries will empower us to formulate new research questions and broaden our understanding of the mutual relations between nature and humans in the past.


19th century; cartography; environmental history; nature archives; forest landscapes; forest management; interdisciplinary research; modernization; Nachhaltigkeit

Published in

Anthropocene Review, The

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    Forest Science

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