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Conference abstract, 2023

Leverage points in farmer, advisor and researcher interactions.

Blix Germundsson, Lisa; Ljung, Magnus


The aim of this study is to investigate how agricultural firms can use innovation support services to develop new knowledge and innovation, for their sustainable business development and growth. The methods comprise a qualitative case study with a comparative process ethnography approach, employing two cases of long-term collaborations between multiple actors in Sweden. The findings suggest that the processes of social learning, the forming of collective agency, enhancing of resource access and the operationalizing of results, were leverage points creating the ability to maintain and develop the collaboration over time. The practical implications include how agricultural firms can gain innovative strength and find leverage by forming collective agency with key individuals in order to access complementary competences and resources of others. The theoretical implications include the value of collective agency for multi-actor collaborations, and that a composition of smaller leverage points were found to enable larger change.

Published in

Title: Book of abstracts of the 26th European Seminar on Extension & Education
ISBN: 978-2-9589569-0-5
Publisher: UMR AGIR
DOI: 10.17180/y125-rn04


26th European Seminar on Extension & Education, 10-13 July, 2023, Toulouse, France.