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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2024

Relating estimates of wood properties of birch to stem form, age and species

Jones, Grace; Ulan, Maria; Liziniewicz, Mateusz; Lindeberg, Johan; Adamopoulos, Stergios


Birch has long suffered from a lack of active forest management, leading many researchers to use material without a detailed management history. Data collected from three birch (Betula pendula Roth, B. pubescens Ehrh.) sites in southern Sweden were analyzed using regression analysis to detect any trends or differences in wood properties that could be explained by stand history, tree age and stem form. All sites were genetics trials established in the same way. Estimates of acoustic velocity (AV) from non-destructive testing (NDT) and predicted AV had a higher correlation if data was pooled across sites and other stem form factors were considered. A subsample of stems had radial profiles of X-ray wood density and ring width by year created, and wood density was related to ring number from the pith and ring width. It seemed likely that wood density was negatively related to ring width for both birch species. Linear models had slight improvements if site and species were included, but only the youngest site with trees at age 15 had both birch species. This paper indicated that NDT values need to be considered separately, and any predictive models will likely be improved if they are specific to the site and birch species measured.


Acoustic velocity; Non-destructive testing; Predictive models; Regression analysis; Wood density

Published in

Journal of Forestry Research
2024, Volume: 35, number: 1, article number: 14