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Magazine article, 2023

The journeys of Wally and Wilma: how scientists reconstruct the movements of fish

Haase, Stefanie; Barz, Fanny; Casini, Michele; Hüssy, Karin


Have you ever lost your phone and used its GPS function to locate it? To learn about fish, scientists are interested in where fish go and what they experience but GPS technology does not work underwater. Scientists therefore developed small electronic data loggers that can be attached to fish, to record conditions in a fish’s environment. When the fish is recaptured, this information can be downloaded and returned to the scientists. The fish’s movements can then be reconstructed by comparing the recorded measurements with the conditions in the sea. In this article, we explain how this method works and tell you the story of two cod with very dierent fates: Wally, who moved around to feed and to produce ospring, and Wilma, who went on an adventure with a surprising endin

Published in

Frontiers for Young Minds
2023, Volume: 11, article number: 1042452

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    Coastal and sea areas

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    Fish and Aquacultural Science

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