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D5.5 Matomatic plate waste tracker developed

Malefors, Christopher; Sjölund, Amanda; Eriksson, Mattias


This is the fifth deliverable of WP5 in the LOWINFOOD project. The deliverable presents the work carried out to improve the “Plate Waste Tracker" innovation, developed by Matomatic, in schools in Uppsala, Sweden, to prepare for full scale implementation, in the context of task 5.3 of LOWINFOOD. This comprised iterative processes including the developers, users and researchers in order to identify necessary adjustments of the product and implementing these changes. The “Plate Waste Tracker” innovation is supposed to reduce food waste in canteens by tracking the masses of food waste, as well as by collecting and giving feedback on the thrown away food. To make sure the innovation could be tested on its effect to reduce food waste in the best possible conditions with as few as possible technical errors, a pre-demonstration phase was carried out. In this report the process of testing is described with descriptions of made adjustments, as well as possible future improvements are presented.

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Publisher: LOWINFOOD