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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2023

Biogas Upgradation by CO2 Sequestration and Simultaneous Production of Acetic Acid by Novel Isolated Bacteria

Upadhyay, Apoorva; Chawade, Aakash; Ikram, Mohd Mohsin; Saharan, Virendra Kumar; Pareek, Nidhi; Vivekanand, Vivekanand


Anaerobic digestion produces biogas, which is a proven bioprocess for generating energy, recovering nutrients, and reusing waste materials. Generally, the biogas generated contains methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2) in a 3:2 ratio, which limits the usage of the biogas to only cooking gas. To further enhance the application of biogas to vehicular fuel and natural gas grids, CO2 must be removed for an enhanced calorific value. This study seeks to lower greenhouse gas emissions by sequestering carbon dioxide from biogas. CO2 sequestration by microorganisms to upgrade the biogas and simultaneously convert the CO2 into acetic acid is a less explored area of research. Therefore, this research focuses mainly on the analysis of CO2 consumption % and acetic acid yield by novel isolated bacteria from fruit waste and mixed consortia obtained from cow dung and digested samples. The research finding states that there was a 32% increase in methane yield shown by isolated strain A1, i.e., CH4% was increased from 60% to 90%, whereas only an 11% increase was shown by consortia, which was an increase from 60% to 80%. The highest biogas upgradation was shown by the A1 strain at 30 degrees C incubation temperature and pH 8. The A1 strain demonstrated the highest recorded yield of acetic acid, reaching a concentration of 2215 mg/L at pH 8. A pH range of 7-8 was found to be the best-suited pH, and a mesophilic temperature was optimum for CO2 consumption and acetic acid production. The major objective is to create an effective method for improving biogas so that it is acceptable for different energy applications by lowering the carbon dioxide content and raising the methane content. This development signifies a significant advancement in the enhancement of biogas upgradation, as well as the concurrent generation of value-added goods, thereby establishing a sustainable platform technology.


biomethane; acetogens; mix consortia; pure isolates; GHG emissions

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2023, Volume: 11, number: 11, article number: 3163
Publisher: MDPI

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    Renewable Bioenergy Research

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