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Review article - Peer-reviewed, 2023

Regulation of PIN polarity in response to abiotic stress

Sharma, Manvi; Marhava, Petra


Plants have evolved robust adaptive mechanisms to withstand the ever-changing environment. Tightly regulated distribution of the hormone auxin throughout the plant body controls an impressive variety of developmental processes that tailor plant growth and morphology to environmental conditions. The proper flow and directionality of auxin between cells is mainly governed by asymmetrically localized efflux carriers - PINs - ensuring proper coordination of developmental processes in plants. Discerning the molecular players and cellular dynamics involved in the establishment and maintenance of PINs in specific membrane domains, as well as their ability to readjust in response to abiotic stressors is essential for understanding how plants balance adaptability and stability. While much is known about how PINs get polarized, there is still limited knowledge about how abiotic stresses alter PIN polarity by acting on these systems. In this review, we focus on the current understanding of mechanisms involved in (re)establishing and maintaining PIN polarity under abiotic stresses.

Published in

Current Opinion in Plant Biology
2023, Volume: 76, article number: 102445