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Letter2024Peer reviewedOpen access

Establishing fluvial silicon regimes and their stability across the Northern Hemisphere

Johnson, Keira; Jankowski, Kathi Jo; Carey, Joanna; Lyon, Nicholas J.; Mcdowell, William H.; Shogren, Arial; Wymore, Adam; Sethna, Lienne; Wollheim, Wilfred M.; Poste, Amanda E.; Kortelainen, Pirkko; Heindel, Ruth; Laudon, Hjalmar; Raeike, Antti; Jones, Jeremy B.; Mcknight, Diane; Julian, Paul; Bush, Sidney; Sullivan, Pamela L.


Fluvial silicon (Si) plays a critical role in controlling primary production, water quality, and carbon sequestration through supporting freshwater and marine diatom communities. Geological, biogeochemical, and hydrological processes, as well as climate and land use, dictate the amount of Si exported by streams. Understanding Si regimes-the seasonal patterns of Si concentrations-can help identify processes driving Si export. We analyzed Si concentrations from over 200 stream sites across the Northern Hemisphere to establish distinct Si regimes and evaluated how often sites moved among regimes over their period of record. We observed five distinct regimes across diverse stream sites, with nearly 60% of sites exhibiting multiple regime types over time. Our results indicate greater spatial and interannual variability in Si seasonality than previously recognized and highlight the need to characterize the watershed and climate variables that affect Si cycling across diverse ecosystems.

Published in

Limnology and Oceanography Letters
2024, Volume: 9, number: 3, pages: 237-246
Publisher: WILEY

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    Oceanography, Hydrology, Water Resources

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