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Research article2023Peer reviewedOpen access

Public Agricultural Extension, Pest and Disease Experience, and Adoption of Improved Wheat Varieties

Wang, Xin; Song, Yanping; Huang, Wei


Improved varieties are considered critical for increas-ing crop yields worldwide. This study explored the effects of public agricultural extension and pest and disease experience on adoption of improved varieties using survey data on 525 wheat farmers in Anhui Province, China, to which the Heckman sample selec-tion model was applied. The results showed that pub-lic agricultural extension had a significant positive relationship with adoption of improved varieties. Demonstration and training, as different forms of agricultural extension, both increased the probability of farmers adopting improved varieties, but only demonstration had a marked effect on degree of adop-tion. Pest and disease experience increased the prob-ability of adoption of improved varieties by farmers and significantly enhanced the effect of public agri-cultural extension, but did not affect degree of adop-tion. Further analysis using an endogenous switching regression model revealed that adoption of improved varieties raised wheat yields by around 337.83 kg/ha. Public agricultural extension should thus be strength-ened, especially for farmers with pest and disease experience, and a diversified, well-functioning agri-cultural extension system should be provided.


improved varieties; wheat production; farmers' adop-tion; endogenous switching regression (ESR) model; Heckman sample selection model

Published in

German journal of agricultural economics
2023, Volume: 72, number: 3-4, pages: 137-153

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