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Research article2024Peer reviewedOpen access

Microbes on Clipper Blades after Use and Disinfection in Small Animal- and Equine Practice

Gustafsson, Lina; Wikstrom, Camilla; Mueller, Ralf S.; Bergvall, Kerstin


Clipping hair on animals can produce microtraumas of the skin and the dislodgement of microorganisms to the clipper blade. This study evaluates if clipper blades in animal hospitals in Sweden are contaminated with bacteria and/or dermatophytes after disinfection. Eleven clipper blades from three veterinary referral hospitals, including one with a small animal department and an equine department, were sampled for bacteria and dermatophytes. All the hospitals had disinfection routines in accordance with the national recommendations for hygiene in veterinary medicine. The sampled clipper blades were supposed to be disinfected and they were considered to be ready for use by staff. Five sterilized clipper blades were used as controls. The results showed that 64-100% of the disinfected clipper blades, from all three hospitals, were contaminated with bacteria, whereas all the sterilized clipper blades were negative for bacterial growth (p < 0.05). One clipper blade from the equine department was contaminated with dermatophytes. The results indicate that the disinfection routines were not sufficient for removing bacteria from used clipper blades, and that sterilization would be a more reliable way to minimize the risk of contamination.


hygiene routines; clippers; disinfection; dermatophytes; sterilization; equine; feline; canine

Published in

Veterinary Sciences
2024, Volume: 11, number: 1, article number: 38
Publisher: MDPI

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    Clinical Science

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