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Research article2024Peer reviewedOpen access

Genomic Prediction for Inbred and Hybrid Polysomic Tetraploid Potato Offspring

Ortiz Rios, Rodomiro Octavio; Reslow, Fredrik; Vetukuri, Ramesh; Garcia Gil, Rosario; Pérez-Rodríguez, Paulino; Crossa, Jose


Potato genetic improvement begins with crossing cultivars or breeding clones which often have complementary characteristics for producing heritable variation in segregating offspring, in which phenotypic selection is used thereafter across various vegetative generations (Ti). The aim of this research was to determine whether tetrasomic genomic best linear unbiased predictors (GBLUPs) may facilitate selecting for tuber yield across early Ti within and across breeding sites in inbred (S1) and hybrid (F1) tetraploid potato offspring. This research used 858 breeding clones for a T1 trial at Umea (Norrland, 63 degrees 49 ' 30 '' N 20 degrees 15 ' 50 '' E) in 2021, as well as 829 and 671 clones from the breeding population for T2 trials during 2022 at Umea and Helgegarden (Skane, 56 degrees 01 ' 46 '' N 14 degrees 09 ' 24 '' E), respectively, along with their parents (S0) and check cultivars. The S1 and F1 were derived from selfing and crossing four S0. The experimental layout was an augmented design of four-plant plots across testing sites, where breeding clones were non-replicated, and the parents and cultivars were placed in all blocks between the former. The genomic prediction abilities (r) for tuber weight per plant were 0.5944 and 0.6776 in T2 at Helgegarden and Umea, respectively, when T1 at Umea was used as the training population. On average, r was larger in inbred than in hybrid offspring at both breeding sites. The r was also estimated using multi-environment data (involving at least one S1 and one F1) for T2 performance at both breeding sites. The r was strongly influenced by the genotype in both S1 and F1 offspring irrespective of the breeding site.


Solanum tuberosum; crossing; polyploidy; genomic estimated breeding values; linear models; Nordic latitude; selfing; tetrasomic inheritance

Published in

2024, Volume: 14, number: 3, article number: 455