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Research article2024Peer reviewedOpen access

Determinants of the intention to increase vegetable consumption in Vietnam and Switzerland

Giacomuzzo, Beatrice; Ngo, Minh Hai; Ha, Thanh Mai; Markoni, Evelyn; Delley, Mathilde; Gotze, Franziska; Le, Nhu Thinh; Bui, Thi Lam; Nguyen, Anh Duc; Pham, Bao Duong; Brunner, Thomas A.; Lucas, Barbara Franco


Increasing vegetable consumption can result in health benefits. In this context, this study aimed to identify predictors of the intention to increase vegetable consumption. Online surveys were carried out in Switzerland and Vietnam between November and December of 2022. Multiple regression analyses were applied to a sample of 1259 consumers to examine the factors affecting the intention to increase vegetable consumption. The results indicate that, in both countries, the intention to increase vegetable intake was positively influenced by the perceived vulnerability of insufficient vegetable intake and the self-efficacy of eating more vegetables. Furthermore, higher levels of employment among participants strengthened the intention to increase vegetable consumption. Heterogeneity among the studied countries was also observed. While the Swiss participants' intention to eat more vegetables was affected by familial hindering, the intention of the Vietnamese participants towards more vegetable intake was positively related to their interest in animal welfare. The variables response cost of eating more vegetables and biological sex were significant in the Vietnamese sample. We conclude that, for both countries improving consumers' self-efficacy can result in increased vegetable consumption. Campaigns aiming to generate knowledge and improve cooking skills were suggested. The findings contribute to the current literature on sustainable and healthy food consumption.


Consumer behaviour; Predictors; Sustainable healthy diets; Swiss consumers; Vegetable intake; Vietnamese consumers

Published in

Journal of Agriculture and Food Research
2024, Volume: 15, article number: 100998Publisher: ELSEVIER

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    Food Science
    Nutrition and Dietetics

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