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Review article2024Peer reviewedOpen access

An Overview of Mycorrhiza in Pines: Research, Species, and Applications

Dyshko, Valentyna; Hilszczanska, Dorota; Davydenko, Kateryna; Matic, Slavica; Moser, W. Keith; Borowik, Piotr; Oszako, Tomasz


In the latest literature, climate models show that the conditions for pines, spruces, larches, and birches will deteriorate significantly. In Poland, as well as in other European countries, there are already signs of the decline of these species. This review article deals with the symbiotic relationships between fungi and plants, which can hardly be overestimated, using the example of pine trees. These are the oldest known symbiotic relationships, which are of great benefit to both components and can help plants, in particular, survive periods of severe drought and the attack of pathogens on the roots. This article describes symbioses and their causal conditions, as well as the mycorrhizal components of pine trees and their properties; characterizes ectomycorrhizal fungi and their mushroom-forming properties; and provides examples of the cultivation of pure fungal cultures, with particular attention to the specificity of the mycorrhizal structure and its effects on the growth and development of Pinus species. Finally, the role of mycorrhiza in plant protection and pathogen control is described.


mushroom-root symbiosis; pathogens; artificial mycorrhization; forest protection; climatic changes

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2024, Volume: 13, number: 4, article number: 506
Publisher: MDPI

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    SLU Forest Damage Center

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