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Research article2024Peer reviewedOpen access

Synthesis, characterisation and reactivity of a zinc triazenide for potential use in vapour deposition

Samii, Rouzbeh; Barkas, Essi; Zanders, David; Fransson, Anton; Lahtinen, Manu; Kessler, Vadim; Tuononen, Heikki M.; Moilanen, Jani O.; O'Brien, Nathan J.


In this study, we synthesised and characterised a new zinc(ii) triazenide for potential use in vapour deposition of zinc sulphide thin films. The compound is volatile and quantitatively sublimes at 80 degrees C under vacuum (0.5 mbar). Thermogravimetric analysis showed a one-step volatilisation with an onset temperature at similar to 125 degrees C and 5% residual mass. The compound also reacted with 2 or 4 molar equivalents of triphenylsilanethiol to give dimeric and monomeric zinc thiolates, respectively. The high volatility, thermal stability, and reactivity with sterically hindered thiols makes this compound a potential candidate for use in vapour deposition of zinc containing thin films.Herein, we synthesise and characterise a new volatile and thermally stable Zn(ii) triazenide. We also react it with a bulky thiol to give two different Zn(ii) thiolates. This new triazenide shows high promise as a precursor for vapour deposition of ZnS thin films.

Published in

Dalton Transactions
2024, Volume: 53, number: 13, pages: 5911-5916

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    Inorganic Chemistry

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