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Book chapter2024Peer reviewed

The UK and Mainland Europe

Barendrecht-Jenken, N.; Løvnes, K.R.; Trampuš, M.; Karlberg, S.; Foley, G.; Littlewood, C.; Cutting, V.


This chapter is based largely on the contributions of practitioners and other professionals in education working in the field of AAIs across Europe. The contributors are among those who responded to the authors’ request on social media for information on any involvement of dogs in school. Their stories do not necessarily represent what is happening more widely in the featured countries, namely, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Sweden, Wales, and England. However, they are authentic voices on a range of specific issues including perceived challenges, successes, and attitudes towards bringing dogs into school. Whilst the contributors to this chapter vary in the contexts within which they work, their stories illustrate several factors that are key to successful CAE. The dog needs to be trained by a fully committed and qualified dog handler. The school community needs to be receptive, including supportive senior leadership, and sufficient time devoted towards planning, preparation and commitment to ensure that the dogs’ well-being is not compromised.

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Title: Dogs in Schools : Pedagogy and Practice for Happy, Healthy, and Humane Interventions
ISBN: 9781032189390, eISBN: 9781003257073
Publisher: Taylor and Francis

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    Animal and Dairy Science

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