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Research article2023Peer reviewedOpen access

Reducing pollution to levels not harming biodiversity and ecosystem functions: A perspective on the post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework

Feckler, A.; Wolfram, J.; Schulz, R.; Bundschuh, M.


Currently, there are more than 350,000 chemicals in use, while their ecological effects are not fully understood. In this review, we focus on pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and personal care products and discuss their potential impact on aquatic biodiversity and ecosystem functions. We critically reflect on strategies to reduce their environmental release and mitigate potential effects. Various mitigation strategies are available to reduce contaminant concentrations in surface waters, but their efficiency varies under the current procedures. Intervening at the start of chemicals' life cycles or reducing their diversity and production amounts holds promise for reducing surface water exposure. This approach could facilitate appropriate environmental risk assessments for each authorized chemical.


Risk mitigation; Chemical stressor; Biodiversity; Ecosystem function; Pesticide

Published in

Current Opinion in Environmental Science & Health
2023, Volume: 35, article number: 100495Publisher: Elsevier B.V.

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    Environmental Sciences

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