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Research article2021Peer reviewedOpen access

Temporary immersion bioreactor system for propagation by somatic embryogenesis of hybrid larch (Larix × eurolepis Henry)

Le, K.C.; Dedicova, B.; Johansson, S.; Lelu-Walter, M.A.; Egertsdotter, U.


Somatic embryogenesis (SE) has high potential for large-scale clonal propagation of conifers. Different types of bioreactor cultures have been tested for the conifer SE process where the temporary immersion bioreactors (TIBs) have proved to be useful across the different developmental steps of the SE process. In the present study the use of TIBs was tested for hybrid larch (Larix × eurolepis Henry). The results showed two-fold increases in both fresh weight (FW) of pro-embryogenic masses (PEMs) and yield of cotyledonary embryos in the TIBs compared to solid medium in plates. For the germination phase, the highest number of roots per plant, the root length and height of plants were also obtained in the TIBs. The results show that the TIB system can be successfully used to support scale up of plant production in all steps of the SE process from proliferation to germination of hybrid larch (Larix × eurolepis Henry).


Germination; Horizontal TIB; Larix × eurolepis; Scale up; Somatic embryogenesis; Vertical TIB

Published in

Biotechnology Reports
2021, Volume: 32, article number: e00684
Publisher: Elsevier B.V.