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Research article2024Peer reviewedOpen access

Germination and stress tolerance of oats treated with pulsed electric field at different phases of seedling growth

Al-Khafaji, Alia Hussain; Kwao, Stephen; Galindo, Federico Gomez; Sajeevan, Radha Sivarajan


This study explores the impact of pulsed electric field (PEF) application on oat seedling growth and stress tolerance. PEF treatment (99 monopolar, rectangular pulses lasting 10 mu s each, with a frequency of 13 Hz and a nominal electric field strength of 2250 V/cm) was applied at two growth stages: (i) when the seedlings had 0.2 cm roots emerging from the kernel, and (ii) when they had a 0.4 cm shoot emerging from the kernel. Posttreatment, the seedlings were hydroponically grown for 8 days. To induce stress, the hydroponic medium was augmented with PEG (15 %) to induce drought stress and NaCl (150 mM) to induce salinity stress. Results demonstrate that applying PEF improved the growth of the root and shoot of oat seedlings. This effect was more pronounced when applied to more developed seedlings. When PEF was applied during the later stage of germination, seedlings exposed to salinity stress showed enhanced shoot growth compared to the control. Under the studied conditions, the application of PEF had no impact on the growth of seedlings under drought stress.


Electrostimulation; Salinity stress; Drought stress; Rooting; Shoot elongation

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2024, Volume: 158, article number: 108692

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    Other Chemistry Topics
    Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

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