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Research article2024Peer reviewedOpen access

Modulation of Tropane Alkaloids' Biosynthesis and Gene Expression by Methyl Jasmonate in Datura stramonium L.: A Comparative Analysis of Scopolamine, Atropine, and Hyoscyamine Accumulation

Rasi, Arash; Sabokdast, Manijeh; Naghavi, Mohammad Reza; Jariani, Parisa; Dedicova, Beata


Scopolamine and atropine are two medicinal alkaloids derived from Datura stramonium L. with anticholinergic properties. This study explored how methyl jasmonate (MJ), a plant growth regulator, affects the biosynthesis and accumulation of these alkaloids in different plant tissues. The expression levels of putrescine N-methyltransferase (PMT), tropinone reductase I (TR1), and hyoscyamine 6 beta-hydroxylase (h6h), three critical enzymes in the biosynthetic pathway, were also analyzed. The results indicated that MJ at 150 mu M increased the production of scopolamine and atropine in both leaves and roots, while MJ at 300 mu M had an adverse effect. Furthermore, MJ enhanced the expression of PMT, TR1, and h6h genes in the roots, the primary site of alkaloid synthesis, but not in the leaves, the primary site of alkaloid storage. These results imply that MJ can be applied to regulate the biosynthesis and accumulation of scopolamine and atropine in D. stramonium, thereby improving their production efficiency.


alkaloid biosynthesis; Datura stramonium L.; gene expression; leaves and roots

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2024, Volume: 14, number: 5, article number: 618
Publisher: MDPI

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    Plant Biotechnology

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