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Research article2024Peer reviewedOpen access

Comparative assessment of woody species diversity, structure and carbon stock of PFM and Non-PFM forests and its implication for REDD+ in Ethiopia

Tiki, Lemma; Tolera, Motuma; Abdallah, Jumanneh M.; Marquardt, Kristina


Maintaining forest biodiversity and carbon sequestration potential of forest resources enhances the provision capacity of forest ecosystem services. Experience from around the world and in Ethiopia has shown that shifting forest management from state-centred to community-centred arrangement can result in a better forest stock. Therefore, this study examined the status of woody species diversity, regeneration and total living biomass carbon stock of forests under participatory forest management (PFM) and the adjacent state managed nonparticipatory forest management (Non-PFM) in South eastern Ethiopia and implications to REDD+. Data were collected from 89 (44 PFM and 45 Non-PFM) nested circular plots from four PFM and three Non-PFM selected forest sites with transects laid systematically. Tree DBH and height were measured, the number of saplings, seedlings, mature trees were counted and species names were recorded. Woody species diversity was estimated using shannon, simpson, and evenness diversity indices. A total of 29 and 23 woody species were recorded in PFM and Non-PFM forests, respectively. Woody species diversity did not show significant difference between PFM and Non-PFM forests but it was relatively higher in PFM forest. The density per hectare of seedlings, sapling and mature trees were significantly greater in PFM forest than in Non-PFM forest. The mean aboveground biomass carbon stock of PFM forest (225.50 +/- 26.54) was significantly greater than that of the Non-PFM (156.24 +/- 15.72) forest. Hence, managing forests through participatory approaches contributes to the enhancement of sustainable management and climate change mitigation potentials through reducing emission from deforestation and forest degradation.


Carbon stock; State forest; Woody species; Forest conservation; Community forest

Published in

Trees, Forests and People
2024, Volume: 16, article number: 100560
Publisher: ELSEVIER

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    Forest Science

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