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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2007

Alkylresorcinols from whole-grain wheat and rye are transported in human plasma lipoproteins

Linko-Parvinen AM, Landberg R, Tikkarren MJ, Adlercreutz H, Penalvo JL


Alkylresorcinols with alkyl chains Cl 7:0-C25:0 are abundant in who(e-grain wheat and rye. Concentrations in human plasma have been suggested to be biomarkers of dietary whole-grain intake. We measured human plasma, erythrocyte, and lipoprotein alkylresorcinol concentrations and alkylresorcinol homolog distribution, and evaluated the use of plasma alkylresorcinol concentration as a dietary biomarker of whole-grain intake compared with serum enterolactone. A total of 15 subjects (8 women) consumed whole-grain wheat or whole-grain rye crisp bread (similar to 100 g/d) in a crossover design for I wk. The test bread periods were preceded by 1-wk periods of consuming refined wheat bread. Plasma, erythrocyte, lipoprotein alkylresorcinol, and serum enterolactone concentrations were measured before and after each period, and plasma alkylresorcinois and serum enterolactone were measured after habitual diet intake before and I wk after the trial. Plasma alkylresorcinois are transported in lipoproteins with VLDL and HDL being the main carriers. AR concentrations in plasma, erythrocytes, and lipoproteins were increased (P < 0.05) by whole-grain wheat bread and even more so with rye crisp bread, although interindividual variation was high. The alkylresorcinol homolog Cl 7:0 to C21:0 ratio in plasma was higher after the whole-grain rye diet period compared with the whole-grain wheat diet period (P < 0.05). Serum enterolactone concentrations were increased significantly by whole-grain rye intake only in men. This is the first report to show that alkylresorcinols in human plasma are mainly transported in lipoproteins. The plasma alkylresorcinol Cl 7:0 to C21:0 ratio reflects intake of whole-grain wheat and rye, and the plasma total alkylresorcinol concentration appears to be a useful biomarker of whole-grain cereal intake

Published in

Journal of Nutrition
2007, Volume: 137, number: 5, pages: 1137-1142

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    Food Science

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