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Research article2001Peer reviewed

Mercury content in roach (Rutilus rutilus L.) in circumneutral lakes - effects of catchment area and water chemistry

Sonesten, L


The environmental influence on the mercury content in roach (Rutilus rutilus L.) is investigated using partial least square regression on 46 environmental variables describing the land use in the catchment area, various catchment area and lake characteristics, lake water chemistry, and fish stock. The Hg content in the fish from the 78 investigated circumneutral lakes is heavily influenced by the land use in their surroundings. The boreal forest lakes possessed the highest Hg levels in roach, whereas fish from lakes surrounded by arable land had lower levels. The Hg levels also showed a negative relationship to the amount of dissolved ions and the total amount of nutrients in lake water. Lake pH did not have any significant influence on the Hg content in roach in these non-acidified lakes. The Hg levels in lakes influenced by large amounts of wetland were less well explained by the presently investigated environmental variables, which implies that the Hg burden in fish from this kind of lake is governed by other factors. (C) 2001 Elsevier Science Ltd. All rights reserved

Published in

Environmental Pollution
2001, Volume: 112, number: 3, pages: 471-481

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    Fish and Aquacultural Science
    Environmental Sciences related to Agriculture and Land-use

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