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Research article2007Peer reviewed

Copper(II) binding to dissolved organic matter fractions in municipal solid waste incinerator bottom ash leachate

Olsson S, Van Schaik JWJ, Gustafsson JP, Kleja DB, Van Hees PAW


Information on Cu speciation in municipal solid waste incineration (MSWI) bottom ash leachate is needed for Cu leaching predictions and toxicity estimates. The complexation of Cu with dissolved organic matter (DOM) in leachates from a stored MSWI bottom ash was studied potentiometrically using a Cu-ion selective electrode. More than 95% of the copper was bound to DOM in the hydrophilic fraction of the leachate, indicating that the hydrophilic acids contribute to Cu complex formation. The hydrophilic acids constituted 58% of the dissolved organic carbon in the ash leachate. Comparisons between experimental results and speciation calculations with the NICA-Donnan model and the Stockholm humic model indicated differences between the ash DOM and the natural DOM for which the models have been calibrated. The ratio of carboxylic binding sites to phenolic binding sites was 2 times larger in ash DOM, and the Cu-binding affinity of the former was stronger than accounted for by the generic Cu-binding parameters. The Cu-binding affinity of the phenolic sites, on the other hand, was weaker. When these parameters were adjusted, a good description of the experimental data was obtained


bottom ash; leaching; copper; dissolved organic carbon

Published in

Environmental Science and Technology
2007, Volume: 41, number: 12, pages: 4286-4291

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    • Van Schaik, Joris

      • Department of Soil Sciences, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
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        Environmental Sciences related to Agriculture and Land-use

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