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Research article2003Peer reviewed

Parthenogenetic activation and subsequent development of porcine oocytes activated by a combined electric pulse and butyrolactone I treatment

Bing Y, Che L, Hirao Y, Takenouchi N, Rodriguez-Martinez H, Nagai T


This study was designed to evaluate the parthenogenetic activation of porcine oocytes matured in vitro for a varied period after combined electric pulse (EP; 1500 V/cm, 100 musec) and Butyrolactone I (BL I). After 36 h of maturation culture, the rates of activated oocytes and oocytes with two pronuclei were significantly lower than those of oocytes cultured for 42 and 48 h after EP. However, when treated by a combined EP and BL I (150 muM), these rates increased to the same level as 42 and 48 h oocytes. When oocytes cultured for 48 h and activated by a combined EP and BL I treatment were subsequently cultured in mNCSU37 medium, the rates of embryos cleaved and developed to the blastocyst stage were significantly higher than those in Whitten's medium. In contrast, when activated oocytes were cultured in mNCSU37 medium under two oxygen environments (5% vs 20% O-2), there was no difference in the rates of cleavage, blastocyst formation and nuclear numbers per blastocyst. Our results demonstrated that the combined EP and BL I treatment of porcine oocytes matured in vitro is capable of producing high rates of good quality blastocysts when cultured in a suitable in vitro condition

Published in

Journal of Reproduction and Development
2003, Volume: 49, number: 2, pages: 159-166

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