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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2007

Mechanisms of auxin-dependent cell and tissue polarity

Boutte Y, Ikeda Y, Grebe M


The establishment of cellular asymmetries and their coordination within the tissue layer are fundamental to the development of multicellular organisms. In plants, the induction and coordination of cell polarity have classically been attributed to involve the hormone auxin and its flow. However, the underlying mechanisms have only recently been addressed at the molecular level. We review progress on the characterisation of the auxin influx and efflux carrier properties of specific plasma membrane proteins, mechanisms underlying their delivery to and internalisation from the plasma membrane, their endocytic transport and degradation. We discuss mechanisms of auxin gradient, transport and response action during the coordination of polarity, along with the downstream involvement of Rho-of-plant small GTPases during the execution of cell polarity

Published in

Current Opinion in Plant Biology
2007, Volume: 10, number: 6, pages: 616-623