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Genome analysis of species in the genus Hystrix (Triticeae; Poaceae)

Ellneskog-Staam P, von Bothmer R, Anamthawat-Jonsson K, Salomon B


Genomic in situ hybridisation (GISH) and Southern genomic hybridisation were applied in order to gain further knowledge regarding generic delimitation of the genus Hystrix as well as to clarify the genomes of the Hystrix species H. patula, H. longearistata, H. coreana, H. duthiei and H. komarovii. The hybridisation intensity of different genomic probes was compared among the Hystrix species and with other Triticeae species. The Southern- and GISH results confirm that H. patula contains the StH genome and show that H. komarovii most likely has a variant of this StH genome. The other Hystrix species under study, i.e. H. longearistata, H. coreana and H. duthiei, contain an Ns basic genome, and most probably two variants of this basic genome, Ns(1)Ns(2). The genus Hystrix is thus not a monophyletic group of species

Published in

Plant Systematics and Evolution
2007, Volume: 265, number: 3-4, pages: 241-249

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