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Research article2007Peer reviewed

Nutrition-driven assembly of colloidal nanoparticles: Growing fungi assemble gold nanoparticles as microwires

Sugunan A, Melin P, Schnurer J, Hilborn JG, Dutta J


The use of a living fungus to 'actively' assemble presynthesized gold nano-particles over its hyphae, resulting in conducting microstructures (see figure), is reported. This physiologically (nutrition) driven process of colloidal self-organization avoids the need for sophisticated DNA/protein chemistry for facilitating interfacing with biological surfaces. The obtained gold-laden microstructures can be modified into flat ribbonlike or tubular morphologies by simple post-formation processing

Published in

Advanced Materials
2007, Volume: 19, number: 1, pages: 77-+

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      Environmental Sciences related to Agriculture and Land-use
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