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Research article2007Peer reviewedOpen access

Powdery mildew resistance in 155 Nordic bread wheat cultivars and landraces

Hysing SC, Merker A, Liljeroth E, Koebner RMD, Zeller FJ, Hsam SLK


The occurrence and distribution of seedling resistance genes and the presence of adult plant resistance to powdery mildew, was investigated in a collection of 155 Nordic bread wheat landraces and cultivars by inoculation with 11 powdery mildew isolates. Eighty-nine accessions were susceptible in the seedling stage, while 66 accessions showed some resistance. Comparisons of response patterns allowed postulation of combinations of genes Pm1a, Pm2, Pm4b, Pm5, Pm6, Pm8 and Pm9 in 21 lines. Seedling resistance was three times more frequent in spring wheat than in winter wheat. The most commonly postulated genes were Pm1a + Pm2 + Pm9 in Sweden, Pm5 in Denmark and Norway, and Pm4b in Finland. Forty-five accessions were postulated to carry only unidentified genes or a combination of identified and unidentified genes that could not be resolved by the 11 isolates. Complete resistance to all 11 isolates was present in 18 cultivars. Adult plant resistance was assessed for 109 accessions after natural infection with a mixture of races. In all, 92% of the accessions developed less than 3-5% pathogen coverage while nine lines showed 10-15% infected leaf surface. The characterization of powdery mildew resistance in Nordic wheat germplasm could facilitate the combination of resistance genes in plant breeding programmes to promote durability of resistance and disease management

Published in

2007, Volume: 144, number: 3, pages: 102-119