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Conference paper, 2007

Linking Relief, Rehabilitation and Development (LRRD) & Social Protection - Lessons from the Early Tsunami Response in Aceh

Christoplos, Ian; Wu, Treena


The tsunami had an immense impact on development processes, conflict, displacement, patterns of risk and poverty in the affected areas. So did the subsequent relief and development efforts. Within households, there was a behavioral response to both the tsunami and LRRD processes. This response was associated with formal and informal social protection mechanisms. If rehabilitation assistance is to contribute effectively to development strategies, a strategic stance is needed regarding how to add value and fill gaps in the emergence of livelihoods and these behavioral mechanisms for protecting against risks to economic well-being. Drawing from the Tsunami Evaluation Coalition and current developments in Aceh, the LRRD experience will be analyzed within a frame of reference that looks at whether the potential roles of the state, private sector and community have been rebuilt so that these actors can complement each other in the provision of social protection. The analysis will highlight the multiple dimensions of poverty, decentralized governance and the nature of Acehnese society, especially factors such as gotong-royong traditions

Published in


First International Conference of Aceh and Indian Ocean Studies