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Unexpected finding of the "tropical" bacterial pathogen Plesiomonas shigelloides from lake water north of the Polar Circle

Gonzalez-Rey C, Svenson SB, Eriksson LM, Ciznar I, Krovacek K


The occurrence of Plesiomonas shigelloides in fresh water from six lakes located north of the Polar Circle in the northern part of Sweden was investigated. Bacteriological analysis of the water samples revealed the presence of nine isolates of P. shigelloides from one of the six lakes. All nine isolates were tested for biochemical characterisation, and serological and genomic typing. The biochemical profiles of all nine isolates were identical. Two strains were non-agglutinating for the O and H antigens. The other seven displayed an O19 serotype, whereas H antigen showed non-agglutinating properties. The genotyping results showed that the O19 isolates presented the same pattern, while the two non-agglutinating strains presented patterns that were different to that of the seven others. The results show that P. shigelloides can occur in aquatic environments where the temperature conditions are extremely low for long periods. This could have ecological and clinical importance for the aquatic and terrestrial fauna at these latitudes

Published in

Polar Biology
2003, Volume: 26, number: 8, pages: 495-499

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