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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2007

Effects of shade nettings, sowing time and storage on baby spinach flavonoids

Bergquist SA, Gertsson UE, Nordmark LYG, Olsson ME


Flavonoids are important in plant interactions with the environment and may have positive effects on human health. Effects of light quality and quantity on flavonoid concentration were studied in baby spinach (Spinacia oleracea L.) cultivated under three types of shade netting differing in transmittance of UV-B and PAR, at two times during the season. Leaves harvested at two growth stages for each sowing were subjected to different post-harvest storage conditions. Shade nettings had a relatively small effect on flavonoid concentration in baby spinach. The largest effect was found when radiation was most intense. The nettings then decreased total flavonoid concentration by 15-24% at the normal commercial growth stage at harvest. Radiation and plant growth both affected flavonoid concentration, in opposite or similar directions depending on time of season. This variation was reflected in the statistical analysis, showing significant interactions among the factors. There were large differences (up to 100%) in flavonoid concentration between the different times of the season, in shaded as well as unshaded spinach. Flavonoid concentration and composition changed during storage, but no consistent difference was found between the shaded and unshaded leaves. In most cases, total flavonoid concentration increased significantly during the first 6 days of storage. In conclusion, the use of shade netting is acceptable for production of baby spinach as regards flavonoid concentration and composition. (C) 2007 Society of Chemical Industry

Published in

Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture
2007, volume: 87, number: 13, pages: 2464-2471

Authors' information

Bergquist, Sara
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Horticulture
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Horticulture
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Horticulture
Gertsson, Ulla

UKÄ Subject classification

Food Science

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