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Development of an ISSR-derived PCR marker linked to nematode resistance (Ha2) in spring barley

Dayteg, C.; Rasmussen, M.; Tuvesson, S.; Merker, A.; Jahoor, A.


Cereal cyst nematodes (Heterodera avenae Woll.) are economically damaging barley parasites in most cereal growing areas of the world and the development of resistant cultivars is the best measure against the pathogen. An ISSR (inter-simple sequence repeat) marker identified as closely linked with the H. avenae race 1 and 2 resistance gene (Ha2) has been converted into a codominant sequence characterized amplified region marker (Ha2S18) and mapped in barley 'SW Buddy' x 'SW Cecilia' DH population at 4.3 cM from the Ha2 locus on the long arm of chromosome 2H. The potential usefulness of Ha2S18 in large scale marker assisted selection schemes has been evaluated in a broad genetic background and is an important complement to the bioassay and to other linked DNA-markers for this trait.


Hordeum vulgare; Heterodera avenae; Ha2; ISSR; SCAR; cereal cyst nematode; resistance

Published in

Plant Breeding
2008, Volume: 127, number: 1, pages: 24-27

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    • Merker, Arnulf

      • Department of Crop Science, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

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    Agricultural Science

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