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Conference paper - Peer-reviewed, 2007

Image Based Measurements of Single Cell mtDNA Mutation Load

Allalou Amin, M. van de Rijke Frans, Jahangir Tafrechi Roos, K. Raap Anton, Wählby Carolina


Cell cultures as well as cells in tissue always display a certain degree of variability, and measurements based on cell averages will miss important information contained in a heterogeneous population. This paper presents automated methods for image based measurements of mitochondiral DNA (mtDNA) mutations in individual cells. The mitochondria are present in the cell’s cytoplasm, and each cytoplasm has to be delineated. Three different methods for segmentation of cytoplasms are compared and it is shown that automated cytoplasmic delineation can be performed 30 times faster than manual delineation, with an accuracy as high as 87%. The final image based measurements of mitochondrial mutation load are also compared to, and show high agreement with, measurements made using biochemical techniques


single cell analysis; cytoplasm segmentation; mitochondrial DNA; image cytometry

Published in

Lecture Notes in Computer Science
2007, volume: 4522, pages: 631-640
Book title: Image Analysis: 15th Scandinavian Conference, SCIA 2007
ISBN: 978-3-540-73039-2
Publisher: Springer Berlin / Heidelberg


15th Scandinavian Conference on Image Analysis

Authors' information

K. Raap, Anton
M. van de Rijke, Frans
Jahangir Tafrechi, Roos
Allalou, Amin
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Centre for Image Analysis
Wählby, Carolina
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Centre for Image Analysis

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