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Conference abstract2007

Spatial patterns of wild boar (Sus scrofa) in southern Sweden

Thurfjell, Henrik; Sjöberg, Kjell; Åhlen, Per-Arne


Wild boar was studied in a mixed agricultural/forested area in the southeastern part of Scania, the southernmost county of Sweden. From each herd of wild boars, one sow, if possible the one which seemed to be the leading sow, was marked with a GPS-GSM collar. Information on the position of the sows in the landscape was transmitted every half hour. This information, in combination with fine scaled, accurate maps and aerial photographs has given us the opportunity to study wild boars’ habitat usage, including foraging patterns and damage on agricultural land. It has also given us the opportunity to created detailed studies of wild boars’ reaction to hunting and other types of disturbance, for example the type of refuge habitats they use after hunting, and the length of time they use such habitats before they return to their original home range. We can also study in detail the movements of wild boar herds in the landscape, for example how they follow linear objects in the landscape, leaving their home range at night to shift to a refuge home range and utilizing different habitats during different times of year. Representative examples of such landscape utilization and details of movements will be presented

Published in


International Union of Game Biologists XXVIIIth Congress