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Report, 2007

Urban-Rural Co-Operation

Berg, Per
Berg, Per (ed.)


Actual integration and interaction between geographically adjacent urban and rural areas were investigated in 20 Baltic Sea Cities and Towns. For the Western cities the typical integration rate was only 1-2% for larger cities (Uppsala, Turku and Hamburg) whereas smaller towns had a higher rate of integration (5-10% - for Enköping and Hällefors). For cities in the east and south of the Baltic the urban-rural interaction was larger even in large cities like Lodz and Kaliningrad (50-60%) even if this geographic interdependence is rapidly decreasing when these cities and countries enter the European and global food and bioenergy markets


urban rural urban-rural sustainable urban development

Published in

BUUF Guidebook No 8
Publisher: Baltic University Programme, Uppsala University

    SLU Editors

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    Food Science
    Economics and Business
    Social Sciences
    Renewable Bioenergy Research

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