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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2003

Effects of fibroblast growth factor 8, fibroblast growth factor 9 and keratinocyte growth factor on multiplication and locomotion in human teratocarcinoma cells in vitro

Granerus M, Engstrom W


Background: The effects of three members of the heparin binding growth factor family, FGF-8, FGF-9 and KGF, on the human embryonal carcinoma-derived cells line Tera 2 were examined. Materials and Methods: Cell numbers as well as cell migration was examined at clonal level by microscopy. Results: It was found that each of these factors promoted Tera 2 cell multiplication, albeit with different efficacy. Whereas a dramatic effect on cell numbers was,observed after the addition of 1-10 mug FGF-9/ml, a lesser effect could be achieved by FGF-8 or KGF In contrast, KGF expressed the most potent effect on cell locomotion at a higher concentration (100 mug/ml). Even though high concentrations of FGF-8 and FGF-9 did stimulate cell locomotion, this effect was substantially smaller than that of KGF Conclusion: All three FGFs exert a dual effect on Tera 2 cell survival and locomotion

Published in

Anticancer Research
2003, Volume: 23, number: 2B, pages: 1313-1316