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Conference abstract - Peer-reviewed, 2008

Fixed or flexible land cover classification for the analysis of landscape functionality?

Aalders Inge, Ode Åsa, Aitkenhead Matthew, Hägerhäll Caroline, Andersson Lars Göran Bertil


In recent years a lot of effort has gone into harmonising and linking different land cover classification methods (CORINE, LCCS). The main driver of the harmonisation is to ensure that land cover maps can be compared across space and time, providing a basis for analysing changes in land cover and the impact of land use change on landscape functions. The popularity of land cover maps for monitoring is that the can be derived from easily accessible remote sensing data, either air-borne or satellite. In this paper we pose the question of whether a fixed land cover classification is the most suitable basis for the characterisation of multifunctional land use. The paper outlines an alternative approach to the mapping of land use, relying instead on a flexible classification system. The hypothesis put forward in this paper is that different functions in the landscape demand different types of classifications in order to improve analyses of their functionality and explicit spatial location. This could advance analysis and the spatial allocation of potential conflict areas between landscape functions and hence provide an important aid in landscape planning and analysis. The proposed system of flexible land classification uses a knowledge-based automated land classification method. The different types of land classification are identified through engagement with land use specialists such as planner and ecologists. The user-defined classifications are applied for the production of user-specific land cover maps with the remotely sensed data functioning as a common baseline. This paper will further outline some approaches for how to bring together information using different classifications


land cover classification; automated mapping; user-defined classification

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Book title: Book of Abstract


Impact assessment of land use changes

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Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Landskapsarkitektur
Andersson, Lars Göran Bertil
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Landskapsarkitektur
Aalders, Inge
Aitkenhead, Matthew
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Landskapsarkitektur

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Landscape Architecture
Social Sciences
Economics and Business

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