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Research article2007Peer reviewed

Issues in cross-border mergers between agricultural co-operatives

Nilsson, Jerker; Madsen, Ole Øhlenschlæger


A merger between agricultural co-operatives involves two mutually dependent merger processes – one concerning the co-operative business firms and the other concerning the co-operative societies, i.e., the ownership organisations. If a merger involves co-operatives in different countries, each with its own institutional structure and legal framework, the merger between the co-operative societies is likely to be especially difficult. The driving force behind a merger is the top management teams, and these persons have weak connections to the cooperative societies and limited knowledge about the social networks within the memberships. Hence, cross-border mergers between agricultural co-operatives are extremely challenging


Co-operative; agriculture; agribusiness; merger; cross-border; transnational; governance

Published in

Journal of co-operative studies
2007, Volume: 40, number: 3, pages: 27-38
Publisher: UK Society for Co-operative Studies

    UKÄ Subject classification

    Economics and Business
    Social Sciences

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