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Local natural resource dependency in rural boreal Sweden

Thellbro, Camilla; Lidestav, Gun


Local natural resources (LNRs) have historically been crucial for human settlements and municipality development in the interior of northern Sweden. To investigate whether LNRs are still important, a sample population of local business enterprises was identified in a typical rural boreal municipality (Vilhelmina) and information on activities and engagement numbers was obtained using a questionnaire supported by telephone interviews. Respondents were grouped into ‘forest and/or agricultural farmers’ (FAF) and ‘various’. Most respondents (78%) stated high dependency on LNRs and engagement estimates were higher than numbers available in official employment data. Respondents across both business categories maintained that local natural, cultural, traditional and social values are at least as important as economic factors for establishment of local business enterprises. Thus, results indicate that local qualities are critical for local society prosperity and welfare of inhabitants and that LNRs still are important for maintaining and developing rural boreal municipalities


employment; engagement; establishment; forest owner; life-mode; local society; small business

Published in

Studia Forestalia Suecica
2008, number: 215ISBN: 978-91-85911-41-7
Publisher: Skogsvetenskapliga fakulteten, Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet