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Research article2008Peer reviewed

Variation in cone and seed characters in clonal seed orchards of Pinus sylvestris

Bilir, Nebi; Prescher, Finnvid; Lindgren, Dag; Kroon, Johan


Cone and seed characters were observed on top, middle and bottom portions of tree crown in 3 ramets/clone in three Turkish Pinus sylvestris seed orchards. Broad sense heritability (clonal repeatability), and correlations among characters were estimated. Around one quarter of the seed production occurred in the top portion, half in the middle and one quarter in the bottom portion of the crown for all orchards. The percentage of filled seeds varied little with the crown position, indicating more or less similar levels of selfing in the bottom of the crown as in the top. The seed weight was typically 11 mg. Differences were found for studied cone and seed characters among orchards and crown positions. Variation among grafts within clone was higher than among clones for most characters. The heritability was on average below 0.5 (e.g., cone diameter, number of filled seed per cone) and rarely rose above that (e.g., cone form, length/diameter; percentage of filled seed) for any individual characters. The coefficient of variation within clones was often higher than among clones. Thus, non-genetic factors seem often more important for the variation in performance of grafts than their genetic constitution. Cone form (length/diameter) was the character where the clone influence was the strongest. Cone number and cone dry weight showed significant correlations with seed characters (numbers of total and filled seed, percentage and weight of filled seeds). Significant correlation was found between seed characters.


Scots pine; cone; seed; heritability; gamete contribution; pollen production

Published in

New Forests
2008, Volume: 36, number: 2, pages: 187-199
Publisher: SPRINGER