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Research article2008Peer reviewedOpen access

Requirement of B2-type cyclin-dependent kinases for meristem integrity in Arabidopsis thaliana

Andersen, Stig Uggerhoj; Buechel, Sabine; Zhao, Zhong; Ljung, Karin; Novak, Ondrej; Busch, Wolfgang; Schuster, Christoph; Lohmann, Jan U.


To maintain proper meristem function, cell division and differentiation must be coordinately regulated in distinct subdomains of the meristem. Although a number of regulators necessary for the correct organization of the shoot apical meristem (SAM) have been identified, it is still largely unknown how their function is integrated with the cell cycle machinery to translate domain identity into correct cellular behavior. We show here that the cyclin-dependent kinases CDKB2;1 and CDKB2; 2 are required both for normal cell cycle progression and for meristem organization. Consistently, the CDKB2 genes are highly expressed in the SAM in a cell cycle-dependent fashion, and disruption of CDKB2 function leads to severe meristematic defects. In addition, strong alterations in hormone signaling both at the level of active hormones and with respect to transcriptional and physiological outputs were observed in plants with disturbed CDKB2 activity.

Published in

Plant Cell
2008, Volume: 20, number: 1, pages: 88-100