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Conference paper, 2008

Effect of different flooring systems on claw sole confomation

Telezhenko, Evgenij; Bergsten, Christer; Magnusson, Madeleine; Nilsson, Christer


The effect of different flooring surfaces in walking and standing areas on claw sole conformation was studied. The following flooring systems were tested: rubber mats, mastic asphalt with and without rubber mat equipped feed-stalls and concrete slatted floor. The sole concavity was measured with a profile gauge on lateral and medical claws of the rear left limb before and after first trimming, and before second trimming at the end of housing period. The sole concavity was initially obtained by dishing the axial part of the sole at trimming. At the end of the housing period, the sole profile of lateral claws became convex in cows kept on asphalt floor without feed-stalls and was significantly different from the sole profile of cows on slatted concrete and rubber flooring. The concavity of lateral claws of cows kept on rubber mats did not differ from that on aged concrete floor. The concavity of lateral claws on asphalt floor with feed-stalls was smaller than in cows kept on the concrete and rubber mats, but less convex than on asphalt without feed-stalls. The concavity of medial claws was not as different across the groups as the one of lateral claws. In medial claws, the concavity was generally greater and significantly different from the concavity in lateral claws across all the flooring systems. It was concluded that different access to abrasive flooring affects the claw sole conformation and the most intensive access to abrasive floors caused loss of sole concavity

Published in

Book title: Prof. of the 15th International Symposium & the 7th Conference on Lameness in Ruminants
Publisher: Finnish Animal Health Service, Savonia University of Applied Sciences, Vetman


The 15th International Symposium & the 7th Conference on Lameness in Ruminants