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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2003

Molecular resolution of a complex of potyviruses infecting solanaceous crops at the centre of origin in Peru

Spetz C, Taboada AM, Darwich S, Ramsell J, Salazar LF, Valkonen JPT


Peru is a centre of origin and domestication of the potato, pepper and tomato (family Solanaceae). Many potyviruses (genus Potyvirus) that infect these crops were described 20-30 years ago. However, definitive classification of these viruses as distinct species remains unresolved for several reasons, including their close serological relationships, similar symptomatology in test plants and lack of genomic sequence data. Using samples collected from Peru, we have determined the complete genomic sequence of two strains of Peru tomato virus (PTV) as well as near-complete sequences for two additional PTV strains. We also obtained partial sequences of four strains of Potato virus V(PVV). Comparisons with genomic sequences of Wild potato mosaic virus (WPMV), Potato virus Y(PVY), Pepper mottle virus (PepMoV), Potato virus A (PVA) and other potyviruses established that all these viruses constitute different taxa (species). Phylogenetic comparisons indicated that PTV, PVV and WPMV are the most closely related species which, together with PepMoV, PVY, Pepper yellow mosaic virus and Pepper severe mosaic virus, constitute a group that is distinguishable from other potyviruses. Therefore, the members of this group may share a common ancestor. PVA does not belong to this group. PVV and PTV were also closely related serologically. However, PTV did not cross-protect against PVV and WPMV in tobacco plants or complement systemic infection of PVV and WPMV in pepper plants. Two biologically and phylogenetically distinguishable strain groups were identified within PTV and PVV. In future studies, the sequence data and virus-specific primers and probes for PTV, PVV and Received WPMV described in this study will enable accurate indexing of plants with respect to either single-or mixed infection with these viruses

Published in

Journal of General Virology
2003, Volume: 84, pages: 2565-2578

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