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Research article2008Peer reviewed

Balanced forest tree improvement can be enhanced by selecting among many parents but maintaining balance among grandparents

Lindgren, Dag; Danusevicius, Darius; Rosvall, Ola


A model for a balanced tree breeding program that considers genetic gain and cost was used to assess the benefits of increasing the breeding population to allow for a component of among-parent selection while maintaining an equal contribution among grandparents, rather than relaying on within-family selection with an equal parental representation. The scenario used in this study had characteristics similar to those of the phenotypic selection strategy for Scots pine ( Pinus sylvestris L.) in Sweden. The results showed that investments in a greater number of parents and families to allow for among-parent selection resulted in a markedly higher genetic gain. The among-parent selection component increased the genetic gain by as much as 70% in a scenario with a high budget and no family creation costs and by as much as 20% in a scenario with a low budget and high family creation costs.

Published in

Canadian Journal of Forest Research
2008, Volume: 38, number: 11, pages: 2797-2803
Publisher: NRC Research Press (Canadian Science Publishing)