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Research article2008

Identification key to European genera of Eucoilinae (Hymenoptera, Cynipoidea, Figitidae)

Forshage M, Nordlander G


A key is presented to the European genera of Eucoilinae, for the first time after these genera have been circumscribed based on type Studies and phylogenetic concerns. The key is illustrated with drawings based on SEM pictures. A generic catalogue with full synonymy of the European eucoiline genera is presented. The following new synonymies on the generic level are proposed: Trichoplasta Benoit, 1956 (Armigerina Belizin, 1968 syn.n.), Eucoila Westwood, 1833 (Lenobria Belizin, 1968 syn.n.), Kleidotoma Westwood, 1833 (Nesokleidotoma Beardsley, 1990 syn.n., Octameris Belizin, 1973 syn.n., Polbourdouxia Dessart, 1977 syn.n., Pentakleidota Weld, 1951 syn.n.). One species level synonymy is proposed: Eucoila floralis Dahlbom, 1846 (Lenobria bidentata Belizin, 1968 syn.n.) A tribal classification of the subfamily is utilised, recognizing the following tribes: Diglyphosemini Belizin, 1961 stat.n., Kleidotomini Hellen, 1960 stat.n. (Cothonaspini Belizin, 1961 syn.n.), Ganaspini Belizin, 1961 stat.n. (Dieucoilini Belizin, 1961 syn.n., Glauraspidiini Belizin, 1961 syn.n.), Trichoplastini Kovalev, 1989 and Eucoilini Thomson, 1862

Published in

Insect Systematics and Evolution
2008, Volume: 39, number: 3, pages: 341-359

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    Environmental Sciences related to Agriculture and Land-use

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